Probate/Estate Planning

Some people do not want to talk about a Last Will and Testament because it makes them aware of their mortality.  Those who have executed a Last Will and Testament are very secure in knowing that when they do pass away, their children and spouse will be protected.  Even if you do not have a significant net worth, a Will can make sure that your property, including family heirlooms, will go to the individuals whom you select.  Most importantly, a Last Will and Testament can make sure that if something happens to you and your spouse, your minor children will be raised by someone you select who shares your family values.  Patrick Fryer will meet with you either at his office or at your home, listen to your desires, and prepare a Last Will and Testament that is tailored to your needs.  He also recommends and prepares Powers of Attorney for Health and Business Decisions, and Living Wills as part of the estate plan. 

Patrick Fryer has represented estates of individuals who have passed away with and without leaving a valid will.  He has handled limited estates, small estate administrations and full estate administrations in Jackson County, Missouri. 

Guardianship and Conservatorship estates may be needed when a person is incapacitated due to age or mental condition.  A Guardian takes care of such an individual while a Conservator takes charge of and protects that person’s property.  People may need a Guardian or Conservator appointed due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other mental conditions that leave them either wholly or partially unable to take care of their finances.

Patrick Fryer has had Guardians and Conservators appointed over incompetent family members in the Probate Court in Jackson and Clay Counties.