Few experiences are more traumatic than going through a divorce, particularly if you are a parent.  Patrick Fryer is not only aware of the legal issues involved from an attorney’s perspective, but also understands the concerns and anxiety from actually having gone through a divorce that involved his children.  Maintenance (alimony), child custody, child support, child visitation, and distribution of marital property, are all areas that require quality legal representation.  Don’t assume your spouse will be fair and equitable in resolving these issues. 

It is very refreshing to see more fathers involved in their children’s lives.  More fathers are bringing paternity actions in order to be declared the biological parent of their child.  A paternity action not only establishes child custody and visitation, but can also reduce the child support payments that may have been set by a Missouri administrative agency. 

Patrick Fryer is willing to protect and fight for your rights to your children and marital property.

You wear seatbelts even though you do not anticipate being involved in an accident.  The same concept applies to Pre-nuptial or Pre-marital Agreements.  You do not anticipate getting a divorce, but a Pre-nuptial or Pre-marital agreement will protect your assets in the event you and your spouse decide to separate or divorce.  Patrick Fryer is experienced in the preparation of Pre-marital Agreements for numerous clients