Car Accidents

Being injured in a car accident can be a life-altering experience.  Regardless of whether it destroys your vehicle or causes very little damage, you may still suffer significant injuries.  The crash may cause you immediate pain, or your pain may not start until days after the accident. 

Insurance companies do not make billions of dollars by voluntarily paying the fair value for a person’s injury.  The law allows an injured person to recover for his or her bodily injuries, even if the accident was partially their fault.  While a victim of a car accident may simply seek a fair settlement, an insurance company will do everything it can to make sure it pays as little money as possible.

Patrick Fryer worked for an insurance company for over 17 years.  He defended insurance companies and their insureds in over 60 jury trials throughout Jackson, Clay, Cass, Platte, Johnson, and many other counties in western Missouri.  In addition, he actually trained claim representatives and adjusters in investigating and disposing of bodily injury claims.  This gives him a very unique and qualified perspective in representing car accident victims and dealing with insurance companies.

Patrick Fryer will objectively advise you on the value of your bodily injury claim and zealously represent you in negotiations or at trial to make sure you receive the greatest amount of money to compensate you for your injuries.